So last week I only managed to get through talking about one of my inspirational reads from the month of February. I had learned a lot more than I had realized as I began writing this post and thought it were best to split this into two. I know you readers, you’re only interested in reading a blog if it’s less than a page. Yes I am also aware of the fact that my posts can seem like a Game of Thrones novel at times, never ending and jumping from one point to the next. Did I not already mention to you that I love writing?

Part Two: Wildflower

I realized right there and then that in life you have to make your dreams come true. Even if there are just the ones you have to figure out. I went from terrified to optimistic.

Where do I even begin with this book, the book that has left me questioning my life choices, my dreams…me.

It was this book, Drew Barrymore to be more exact, that has opened me up to an entirely different perspective on life. A simple thing that we experience everyday, but always manage to take for granted.


We’re dreamers.

Dreamers who experience the same routine everyday. Day in and day out. We wake up, shower, stress what to wear, eat, go to work, stress about our worthless job, eat, work some more, home, pass out, eat some more, binge on Netflix, pass out again. It’s a never ending cycle until the weekend comes then God only knows what messed up shit happens then. Thinking about this makes my head hurt and want to hurl. I hate living the life that I do. I wish I was paid to write. Venturing and discovering new places everyday to write and to find my zen. This is what I want, but I’m waking up to the idea that it is not reality. I get it, I’m shit when it comes to writing and who in their right mind would pay me for this? I’m currently sitting in a French style cafe writing this post and I’m smiling at thought that I could be in Paris, living the life I want. Writing, designing, smiling….imagine getting paid just to smile?


As I was saying, I adore this majestic women. She was someone who had to become an adult at the age of fourteen and still managed to take life by the horns. She is someone I’d describe as free spirited and didn’t want to live the life of someone who followed the same routine. I love that. I want that. I want it all.

I didn’t realize I wanted this until a couple weeks ago when I got in trouble at work for not spending my time researching more about the print industry. Apparently I absorbed too much of time reading up on things that didn’t relate to it, I wasn’t passionate enough about it. And you know what? Their 100% right. I HATE PRINT! There I said it. I hate it! Want to know what I spend my time reading up on and researching? Fashion, lifestyles, writing, beauty, books, travels…I’M A DREAMER! I want to be optimistic and make my dreams come true because I don’t want to live the same boring routine everyday. It’s not me. It has never been me. I should be in a job that I’m passionate about everyday. I hate working with numbers! To be honest, I’m a complete moron when it comes to performing my job. It’s just not me. I’m like a square trying to be shoved into a circle peg, we just don’t work together.


John Mayer just came on over the radio singing Your Body is a Wonderland, sorry I just needed to stop writing for a few seconds to appreciate this song. I’m now changing the lyrics to My Mind is a Wonderland. Don’t you love how weird and random I can be sometimes?

Anyways, where was I? Oh yeah LIVE YOUR DREAMS PEOPLE! We only get one chance at living the life we want and I’m not going to let others tell me that I can’t live the one that I want. Failures are what make us stronger, opening doors to new possibilities and making us realize what it is that we truly want in life. My father taught me that. And so did Drew. Clearly.

If I had one regret in life, it would be to not have any. We learn, we adapt, we change. It’s never too late to do what you want. I’m twenty-four friggin years old, I shouldn’t be stressing that I’m too old to change my path. My dad laughs at this and tells me I need to wake up and realize that I have my whole life ahead of me to make my dreams come true. He also thinks I spend too much of my time stressing over men when I should be focusing on myself and living my life. He’s right. Screw men. Their not going to make my dreams come true. Their just a side object. My father is one who can’t understand why people get married at such a young age and begin having their own Brady Bunch clan by the age of twenty-five. I don’t understand it either. I mean good for you, I’m not judging, I just don’t understand it. My mother on the other hand adores it and keeps hinting at us that she’s not a grandmother yet. Your lucky if I even pop out one.


John Mayer again….bye.

What I Learned from Drew:

  1. …if you stay emotionally balanced and responsible in life you are able to have the real joy. The earned joy.
  3. When you feel lost, write.
  4. And even though it was only laundry, it taught me how to tackle everything moving forward. You fall in love and try to conquer by way of measuring it!
  5. That is one church I am staying loyal to. The Church of Laughing.
  6. “There should be no ‘I’ in what you are saying or thinking or feeling. You have to separate yourself from yourself. You have to realize that ‘you’ are nothing, and ‘we’ are all everything.”
  7. …we are anything but tethered. We are capable of going anywhere we want anytime we need
  8. Everything is endless and full of possibilities
  9. Learn to be alone. The things you can do can be really fun.
  10. It is being alone that will actually set you up the best for being with someone else.

Here is to us dreamers and being optimistic to new possibilities!

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